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Another sunny day 🌞

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60 mile trip to nowhere in particular today but stumbled across a classic car showroom IMG_20211117_121925_959.thumb.jpg.4c1aafce42bd8534bc217858c93b0698.jpgIMG_20211117_121949_151.thumb.jpg.1e6da69abd8ea0b8ea18678ad537c693.jpgIMG_20211117_122007_917.thumb.jpg.cd75961d521351e19a91bb9fac430f8c.jpgIMG_20211117_122349_820.thumb.jpg.44816ed28c1f1fbb1eaa1e44d3fac235.jpgIMG_20211117_121621_628.thumb.jpg.b2fb36799d039b4433e0cbf15b1d0918.jpgwith a few Triumphs.

A couple of tatty Spitfires & a slightly better TR7 convertible outside. In the showroom was a Stag & a TR3 (I think) plus a Healy, several MGs and a few random saloons.

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40 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Is there another digit on that TR7 price? It's either very cheap or very expensive.... :)

Haven't seen a Maestro in years, mine was the same colour, a real workhorse too.

Yes, another 9 on the right. I thought it was expensive as well 🤔

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4 minutes ago, Mathew said:

Is that the one just outside Peterborough, where they bypast the town with the a47? If it is, both times i poped in they had hardly any triumphs!

It's in Thorney which is definitely not far from Peterborough and just off the A47, so I suspect it's the same place. 

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