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Turning Circles can they be on line please?


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So, the old Courier magazines are on the TSSC website in pdf form to access and download, and what a great archive of information....

Back in the day, as well as the courier, there was a quarterly TSSC magazine called the turning circle which focussed on a particular model each time. I note that the technical directory refers to the articles in the turning circle and wanted to look at one from 1986 earlier today but found out that the turning circles are not uploaded like the couriers?


Would it be possible to upload the turning circle magazines to the website please in pdf form so they can be referred to in the same way as the historical Couriers?

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I am pleased to report that Turning Circles are now listed on the Courier Technical Index under each model and are available online:

https://www.tssc.org.uk/tssc/courier_index.asp     and

https://www.tssc.org.uk/tssc/courier.asp  at the bottom

They were there before from links in some of the index results, but it wasn't clear how to find the individual Turning Circles

They are now there explicitly - there are a couple at the top of the page that don't fit under specific car sections and then the car model specific ones are mentioned in each car's section (so Turning Circle 1 is at the top of the Herald section, No2 is at the top of the Spitfire section and so on)


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