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KYK711D Vitesse 1600/6 Rear Diff

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Factory spec would be EP80 GL4 for fill, EP90 GL4 topup - the same as the gearbox - but some people prefer EP140, especially if driven hard. The GL4 is important in that it must be "yellow metal safe", which most GL5 isn't.


(aside: whenever anyone refers to the "rear diff" I get a strong urge to say "same as the front diff? Err...")

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3 hours ago, martyn wright said:

Hi All!  Question:  What Oil do I need for my Rear Diff Please?  Would it be the same as the gearbox??  Many Thanks

Yes, GL4 is ideal, and I have been using ep80-90 for years. (probably 30)

Re the above, a diff would actually like GL5 IF yellow metal safe, and there are plenty out there. (GL5 is slipperyier, new word, but that is no good for a gearbox as the synchros won't work properly)


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