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Amber rotating warning beacon


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I've just got one of these for Hetty (I have one for the Morris's too).

It rotates and is really bright, less so in daylight but still noticeable. Plus it saves any rewiring / installing extra switches, as it plugs into a 12 volt outlet, which in itself is a very useful thing to have fitted.

It clamps itself to the bodywork via two magnetic feet underneath, these are encased in soft rubber to protect your paintwork, though in my case it's clamped (via the vinyl) to the metal bars in my Webasto sunroof.

Anyway, I thought I'd post it up on here in case anyone's interested. Links below.

Best wishes,





Triumph Herald Warning Beacon.JPG

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In the 1980s I had a battery-powered version, took four of the huge D-cell batteries and sat on the roof of the car with as huge suction cup. I went to a friend's house warming party, we had the music but no lights so I got it from the car and stuck it to his ceiling. After about five minutes it fell off taking a large piece of plaster from his new ceiling and shattered on the floor... :(

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When we brought the wife's X Type Jag nearly 20 years ago the first thing I brought was a high intensity LED red flashing hand held wand like the police and emergency personnel use it has a rubber mount that stands on the roof, it was good insurance we never really broke down, it's now in the Sprints boot as insurance!!

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1 hour ago, Colin Lindsay said:

over here we had a running joke about all those drivers who are afraid to overtake a Police Car and follow behind in a little 'bubble of respectability'... :)

Yes, used to see that quite often way back when I still lived in England. They would drive on the dual carriageway at a bit below the legal limit with a queue behind not daring to overtake. I used to!

Once on my Triumph 650cc I was followed out of Sheffield by a police car, I stuck to the legal limit on the 30 and 40 stretch then when it got to the 'unrestricted' opened it up to 70. They overtook and pulled me in to ask why I had suddenly accelerated after going 'slowly'. My reply was simply, the limit has changed . . .

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