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Starter Fault?

David McHugh

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Hi Guys, I am hoping that someone can give me some answers.

I went to start the car and all I got was a click from the solenoid i guess, i got a second hand starter, on the first attempt it turned the engine very slowly and when i tried a second time, all i got was a click the same as my original starter. I presumed the second hand starter was faulty so i exchanged for another used one. I fitted the started tried to start the car and it was turning the engine over without any problem (car usually needs several attempts to start) it didn't start first time, turned the key again and CLICK, not even an attempt to turn over just click the same as with my original starter.I am baffled, surely its not frying the starter motors, no wiring has been changed. The battery is showing 12.65 V and while turning the key it drops to 12.32 V so i don't see a problem with the battery.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance David...

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My Spitfire did this sometimes last year. Clicked a couple of times, but would start in the end. Over the winter the battery gave up the ghost and I changed it. The difference was amazing....The starter turned the engine much faster and no clicking since. So even if the battery seems OK, it might be on the way out.



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yes clean any shiny deposits from under the battery post clamps, get to a clean dull lead 


solenoids do get the green devil inside , and dont transfer the current well, so try bridge the sol terminals with a old screwdriver, you will get some sparks .

if it fires the motor your solenoid is failed.  


as said clean all terminals feeds and earths



and yes you could have a dud cell which gives you voltage but No current capacity 


most factors will check the disccharge rate for free



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Thanks for the help guys. I have established that i have a wiring issue which of course leads to another question. about the earthing of the coil. I installed electronic ignition which requires removing the coil neg to distributor and adding the electronic module that sits in the distributor and is wired across the coil ie. red to + and black to -  , so my question is how is the coil now earthed? is it a case of simply adding another wire to the - on the coil and the other end to metal ?


Your help is much appreciated as usual


thank you in advance 


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On the solenoid you should have a terminal to which the positive lead from the battery is bolted.


Next to this should be bolted the lead that runs to the starter motor itself.


If you bridge these two pints with something insulated, like a screwdriver, you are effectively taking the solenoid out of the equation.


Alternatively connect the positive terminal on the battery to the power feed in the starter motor.


I know all this because Pete has been talking me through similar issues.



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