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spitfire buying advice required

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Hi - I'm new to the forum, and am in the process of looking for my first Spitfire.


I recently found a Spitfire on an internet site at a garage in the Netherlands. Unrestored, but in good general condition and well looked after. Priced at 3,500 euros, it seems a good deal. I requested additional photos, especially of any of the rust areas, to help me make up my mind.


The worst area of rust is on the windscreen surround (see photo) - I've read that this is a common area for rust build up, and it looks like it's never been dealt with from the photos. My question is, has anyone had this area repaired, and if so, was it a costly repair? Should it be enough to put me off buying the car?


I live in France and am looking at RHD Spitfires as they are considerably cheaper than the LHD versions here.


I look forward to any help or advice you can give.




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I wouldn't buy it unseen, you only have their word that this is the worst area of rust. I don't know what other photos you have but I would want to see underneath, the chassis, the floor pans under the carpet. I think we have members in the Netherlands, perhaps one of them might volunteer to take a look?

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Bienvenue! Welcome!

  That particular repair is tricky.  It is needed because the rain channel is spot welded on, and not well sealed to the screen surround.  Water gets between the channel and the surround and rots.   To repair, the channel must be removed, new metal welded into the surround (so screen out) and the channel replaced, if you must - it's not very functional.  So delicate, skilled work that costs, unless you can do it yourself.


Above, good advice/ideas, to which I'd add, buy a copy of the Haynes book "Guide to Purchase & DiY Restoration" for the whole 'small-chassis' Triumph range.   Excellent book that includes (or does in my edition) a chapter on the usual faults, together with an estimate of repair/restoration costs expressed in 'tyres' to make it inflation proof!  Very useful when negotiating the price!


Bon chance!


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