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Vitesse Mk2 Wheel Trims advice or HELP please


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My Vitesse had a full set of "fake Rostyle" wheel trims until this afternoon when at about 60 along a nice country road this afternoon the offside rear trim chose to jump off the car.


Sadly it was not safe to stop immediately and it was half a mile or so before I could pull of the road and walk back along the verge to the area where we had parted company. Despite a very thorough search of the verges and undergrowth on both sides of the road I could not find the escapee trim.


So here is where I seek the advice or help of my fellow members, there is a set of trims on ebay but they are described as being for 3.5" wheels only, I assume from a 1300TC, as they have the hole in the centre to locate the globe badge. 


I know one of my trims has the badge hole and so I am wondering if the ebay set will fit the Vitesse, does anyone have any idea?


Or does anyone have one, two or a set of trims they would be willing to sell me?


Please PM with any response.




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