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Just ReJoined..Had a Vitesse back then got a TR7 V8 now

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Hello I used to be a member back in the old Century and had a White Vitesse Mk2 with wires very traditional..

But I've got older now have 6 Grand children and a Volvo, so I've got a TR8 replica...It's a lot like a genuine Tr8 in that standard motor with Strombergs TR8 rack Power steering TR8 subframe it makes around 150bhp at the wheels so around 180 at the crank, I've done around 4500 miles in the last 2 years and apart from a Waterpump fail no problems with it.

I fitted it with some traditional wheels last month + a full suspension refurb, AVO adjustable front and AVO coilover rear

Not exactly standard...



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