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Vitesse Overdrive Gearbox query


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Hi, have just bought a second hand o/d gearbox for my vitesse, and the box is actually a dolomite one with "WE" code, and its got a J Type overdrive.


Question is, the input shaft has 10 splines, with about 1 3/4" tip after the splines - is that going to go straight into the vitesse engine / clutch?

I haven't yet removed the old gearbox to do a comparison, and was hoping to find out before I start pulling the car to pieces!


Any other issues with putting a J type into a Vitesse (old one I assume has D type), regarding mounting, or speedo drive?






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The splines are for the clutch driven plate.    You should be able to get one for that spline.

The shaft in front of the splines, the spigot, is to go in the bronze bush in the centre of the flywheel.    You would need to ensure that you have the right diameter bush and that it and the counter bore it sits in is the right depth.

Very important as it supports the forward end of the input shaft!


You need to ensure that the wiring is compatible with a J-type, and if your Vitesse didn't have one then the special mount plate for the OD.

Some ODs didn't need a relay, I seem to remember.  The D-type does, but the J-type??



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The early Triumph Dolomite 1850 gearbox, the three rail one, is essentially the same as the 2L Vitesse but with a different bellhousing. J type overdrive does not need a relay but make shure the wiring only lets it operate on third and fourth.

I use a J type with a three rail box in my 68 MK1 2L Vitesse.

The early 1850 Dolomite uses the same clutch as the 2L Vitesse and GT6.





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while its all out its worth check the thickness of the clutch throwout brg, some are only 15mm  it should be 19mm thick this has the effect of reducing the lever position and makes the see saw leverage all a bit late.


you can pack the spherical post with a washer underneath to to get the fulcrum higher and re balance the leverage


if the carrier has worn where the pins contact the groove remove the anti spin  spirol pin drill new hole and it starts wear in the new location around the groove.


check the throwout lever fot cracks where the spherical wears 


if the pins have worn badly i have replaced them with cut down clevis pins rewelded in place.



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