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Single rail gearbox in a Herald question

Pete Lewis

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Hi question from me for a change,

  we have a member who has had a single rail spitfire 1500 box fitted into his Herald !!!

      the spherical on the remote is so low you cant use any normal gaitor as there is too much stick travel as the hole in the tunnel is now  3" halfway up the gearstick, looking at mounts the base plate and bobins on parts lists shows are all common so why it this sitting so low, before i get the tunnel off and look for myself at whats going on   any clues ???



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Hi, Pete. I have a 1500 Spitfire gearbox and overdrive fitted to my 13/60 Herald. I had to fit a new gearbox mounting plate to suit. Don't know if it's necessary with a non od box. The gaiter on the single rail box is different to the 3 rail box and is only obtainable second hand as far as I know. It also needs a fixing plate that screws to the transmission cover. The plate can be bought from Rimmer. Try Spifire Graveyard for the bits. He was advertising one recently, and I got mine from him some time ago. Cheers, Dave.

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Thanks I can search the bottom plate,, I have made the guy a quick stapled up vinyl gaiter to help the noise, and a leather one is in progress, guess it tunnel off time to assess how the height can be corrected


hes made a poor decision paid a fortune for a bit of a bodge, so need to affect an ecconomical fix

or revert back to a 3 rail


I could have rebuilt his orig box for peanuts but thats not now possible



so on damage limitations now


hey ho pete

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Hi Pete. I got my lower gearbox mounting plate from Rimmers. They had them in stock. The gaiter is a "floppy thing" for want of a better term, that fits over the gearlever ball but underneath the tunnel, overlapping the edges of the tunnel hole, hence the metal retaining plate screwed to the top of the tunnel. Hope this makes sense. Cheers, Dave.

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Thanks , Im still without looking concerned at the low level of the top of the turret

I used a mgb and ring on the vit6 , quite neat , used a simple platform under the carpet to hold the ring


just recieved a off the peg leather , but doubt this has the base diameter to fit


there is so much stick travel to accomadate as the hole is way up the stick, luckily its a simple stick not the one with the rubber anti vibro insert to take up room


like it needs 1.5 " /2"+ added to the cotton reels


when I get the car back for a close look I will bear the ideas in mind Thanks


just need to keep the prop off the floor !,,


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