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Unique Burr Elm Spitfire Mk IV Dashboard


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Rolls Royce Motor Cars sponsored my university degree back in 1992. I spent a year at the factory in Crewe spending time in each and every part of the factory. I saved up and bought my first car... a J reg Triumph Spitfire 1300 with no MOT.

During my time in the wood section at Rolls Royce I re-veneered a spitfire dashboard but never got chance to fit it to the car. Unfortunately some uninsured prat in a big Vauxhall smashed into the back of my Spitfire and I couldn't afford to fix it before I went to university so I sold the spitfire but kept the dashboard.

It's beautiful burr elm. I cut the veneer, matched it and glued it and the guys at RR sanded and laquered it, which is the hard part!

There is one non-standard hole in the centre of the middle panel which was going to be for a push button ignition.

The speedo and rev counter holes are 100mm. It was an original Spitfire dashboard that I re-veneered so all the holes should be correct apart from the extra one mentioned above but I remember trying a Smith (?) speedo in one of the holes and it seeming a loose fit.






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That is definitely a thing of beauty. I always wish I had been a woodworker of some description - many of my musical instruments are as nice to look at as to play - but I just don't have the time space or brain power to take up another hobby at this stage... so I can admire things like this knowing the skill and perfection that goes into them.

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