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Fuel Pump Issues

Henry Boler

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Hi All,


I've always had problems with my mechanical fuel pump continually wearing through metal parts and leaking etc...


I took it to bits again last night for a service after a near 1000 mile drive this weekend and I was wondering if I could look at another option which is replacing it...


The main reason I don't like it is the stupid design seal on the cap that it has. There is no land on the pump body for the gasket to seal on so it either falls in the pump and fuel just pours out or it is just about working but weeps...


This is what the pump I have looks like. Is it what should be on the car?



This is another option with a different style top on it that Rimmers etc. sell as an alternative.



Let me know your thoughts.



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Throw it in the bin.  Get an electric pump.

Facet Solid state, £20: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/320918157381?adgroupid=13585920426&hlpht=true&hlpv=2&rlsatarget=kwd-123671529666&adtype=pla&ff3=1&lpid=122&poi=&ul_noapp=true&limghlpsr=true&ff19=0&device=c&chn=ps&campaignid=207297426&crdt=0&ff12=67&ff11=ICEP3.0.0-L&ff14=122&viphx=1&ops=true&ff13=80


Flows 32 gallons/hour, more than enough for a GT6.



PS an inertia switch in the circuit is a good idea.  This pattern is used by Jaguar, Peugeot, Renault, Land Rover, ASston Martin (!), Honda, Alfa Romeo, Uncletomcarmanufacturer n' all, so it's got to be reliable.

And cheap - second hand less than £10, but make sure you get the wiring connector plug as well, or else it's difficult to wire in.


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That's something I might seriously look into doing. I've always wondered, how does a solid state pump work??


For the pump, I've just tried something different, on the pump body where the seal touches there is a sort of double flange for some reason, I just stuck it in a lathe and removed that, bought a big fat 60mm o ring and squeezed it into the lid and bolted it on, appears to work now!

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Neither of those look quite like canleys




Or Rimmers




I had fuel problems at an MOT 2 years ago and the garage replaced the pump with a supposed correct replacement. Apart from having no primer lever it didn't work too well. I replaced it with a Rimmer one and no problem since. There are a lot of dodgy pumps about I would rebuild it paying attention to the Canley diagram.


It sounds like you haven't got the screen filter that the gasket sits on.

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I think you might be on to something there Doug! That might explain its uselessness! Oh well, I've machined the recess away that would have taken that filter, I drilled out the centre hole and put a stainless thread insert into it as well so I can tighten up the new seal really hard! Hopefully it will work now. If this doesn't sort it I'm going electric!


Oh and I realized what the solid state bit refers to now on the electric pumps! I thought is meant the whole thing but it's just the control circuit!


I bought two replacement diaphragms for my pump as the little T shaped connection on the rod always wears through, I was stuck in Torquay about 3 years ago and had to weld it back up to get me home! It's a dodgy design, no bearings of any sort in there whatsoever...


Pete the lever looks to be at a very different angle to my one... But that's just from looking at the picture!


Maybe I could fit an electric backup pump just in case, so that I don't have to jam an old drinks bottle full of fuel on the carbs to get the car off the motorway next time!

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just the old style glass units are out there as new,



Love those. So easy to work on and replace valves etc, plus you can see the fuel as it goes through thereby ruling out non-starting caused by a lack of it... if you use Redex it also shows as a light red colour and can be easier to gauge the flow.

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