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Length of push rods?


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Hi everyone,


I need some help identifying the model of my GT6 engine and in particular the correct length of the push rods.


The actual engine number is KC78843HE which I think is a GT6 Mk2 engine.  It has the flat piston heads not domed ones.

I have previously taken the head off to look for numbers stamped onto it so that I could identify which model head I had.  Unfortunately the only numbers I could see were on the outside between the pushrod tubes and looked like it could be ?0648? There was another raised number on the top inside of the head which looked like v2929? When looking at some reference data I  could not match the numbers to anything.


Can anyone help me identify my engine and tell me what are the correct length of pushrods I need.




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According to the engine number, it is a GT6 Mk 2 unit - the HE is high compression engine, so flat top pistons is correct.


Afraid that's the limit of my info - over to someone more knowledgeable than me for heads and push rod data! Do you have reason to believe that it's not standard?



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Hello Andy.


You definitely have a Mk2 GT6 engine and I have pasted a couple of x-references to assist you.  


GT6 Mk2 engines commenced at 50001 with Triumph doing a ceiling number of 100000.


So, as you will note, your engine is in the Mk2 section.


I fairly sure that the Mk3 engines had the domed pistons and some VERY late Mk2's.




GT6 Series  





Model year

Commission # engine trans. rear

diff ratio

GT6 (MK1) 10/66-9/68 15 818 KC 1 E KC KC 3.27 GT6 (MK1) USA 10/66-9/68   KD 5001 E KC KC 3.27 GT6 MK 2 10/68-12/70 12 066 KC50001 E KC50001 KC KD 3.27
3.89(Ovd) GT6+ (MK 2 USA)     KD50001 E KC KC KD 3.27
3.89(Ovd) GT6 MK 3 10/70-12/73 13 042 KE KE KC KD 3.27 3.89(Ovd) GT6 MK 3 USA     KF KF KC KD




Looking at the Canley webpage for GT6 pushrods they list the following:






As such, I think it is safe to say that the rods from the above vehicles are compatible with each other.


I would definitely phone either Canley or Rimmers to see if they have a rod they can measure - hopefully job done.


My money is on an 8" pushrod (approx. 203mm)


Hope that helps and adds to what we have discussed earlier ??





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