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Rear fog light switch


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Hi all, 

I know the last 1500 Spitfires came with rear fog lights and a Lucas Fog light switch in the dash.

Do anyone know or has a pic where the location on the switch was ? 


Im planning a new dash in Fox.

But want a period correct switch now.

Or.. what have others done 😅

Screenshot_20220426-223916_Samsung Internet.jpg

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It goes to the right of the main big clocks. There was a picture of it on this site a few months back. On the wanted section. I have an original plugged in on my yellow spitfire but not on the dash yet. Its behind for when i put a fog light on. I also have one on watching. 



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10 hours ago, dougbgt6 said:


How about the GT6 heated rear window switch which fits horizontally in the centre panel directly below the heater controls?


But... im thinking of fitting 3 gauges in tge center, so headlight switch would be already there 😅

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