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Father to Son. England to Tasmania

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Hello all,

I've recently taken ownership of my late fathers French Blue 1972 GT6. The car was purchased in 1989 and restored by my father over the following 8 years. Since then it only travelled 9000 miles. Having owned a Spitfire Mk4 around 1991 and with the history of this car I couldn't see it be sold so its come to my home in Australia. 

It arrived a couple of weeks ago and just failed its roadworthy (MOT) due to some small oil leaks. Nothing too serious, mostly because it was parked on my sloping driveway! However after picking it up from the garage it seems to have acquired a rather loud clunk when taking up the clutch. It's from the rear. I suspect the driveshaft UJ, theres certainly some play when you twist the prop manually. I have driven the car 100 odd miles from Melbourne so this is definitely a new noise. It does seem strange that this has occurred while at the garage, I doubt anything wears quite this quickly!! The car has been mostly stationary for the last two years and was put on a two post lift for the roadworthy. Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

The engine also does not seem to have a number stamped on it. I assume the number would be on the passenger side on the flat located under the spark plug closest to the bulkhead? Or is it hiding somewhere else? 

The car is generally still in great condition some minor paintwork/remedial action will be required at the front of the roof and maybe a respray under the bonnet but otherwise it looks pretty good. The restoration process was covered in the TSSC magazine over a couple of months back in the late 1990's. I hope to find the copies once the I can get the documentation from the UK. So some TSSC history now in Tasmania!




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Welcome, nice looking GT6, there’s a chap I talk to in Tassie who’s rebuilding Mk2 Vitesse similar to my 68 here in Melbourne, I’ve owned mine since 71 shipping it home in Aus late 73.

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That looks to be a great gt6. With your personal history just adding to its new life with you. Hopefully you will soon sort those little niggles. Worth taking the prop off and checking the u/js properly and unbolt the half shafts at the differential. Make shore all is smooth and while they are off feel how the differential is. Obviously check gearbox and differential oil levels. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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On 07/05/2022 at 07:01, Mathew said:

Obviously check gearbox and differential oil levels.

Welcome to the crazy gang Rugsta. My 71 GT6 developed a clunk which cleared after I topped up the oil in the diff. Mathew is right to start with the easy things.

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