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  1. I have now spoken to the supplier, they say "the seal lip will run in the grooves and not be a problem". Well that's okay then. But, maybe I am just being pickky as the grooves are not concentric rings, they are a spiral that is formed during CNC machining of the CV joint body. As such the lip of the seal will follow the spiral (like a screw thread) until they reach a point where it will "jump the thread". This is the point where most wear would occur to the seal lip. So I decided to err on the side of caution and mounted each drive shaft in a lathe and using fine emery sticks I smoothed the area of concern to a finish that I consider to be similar to the original seal surface. I am now a lot happier about using the driveshafts. I have attached a picture of the finished surface.
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  3. Hello, I have just taken delivery of a pair CV driveshafts for my Mk3 GT6, I was about to fit them when I noticed that the surface the inner wheel bearing seal makes contact with on the outer CV was not particularly smooth, instead it has turning grooves left in it from when it was manufactured. The original collar on the old rotoflex shaft has a nice smooth finish. The question is would fitting these shafts cause premature wear and failure of the inner bearing seal lip ? Have other users of these driveshafts noticed this ? I have attached a couple of pictures that show the issue.
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