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  1. I paid £190 for these at around the same time. I was looking on Ebay yesterday, and some are going for £200 per seat
  2. Scrapman Yes, I would love to pop up to Colchester to try your car. I am only 30 mins away Here are my MX5 seats, with removable headrests. They are black velour and in immaculate condition. I have one pair of custom made mounting brackets for the drivers side, which bolt into the original fixing points of a Herald or Vitesse This enables the seat to be positioned further back for taller people. They are a perfect fit for a Vitesse/Herald and suit the car. I would want £250 for the pair. Nice ones like this are not easy to find.
  3. Thanks Matthew I was in that vicinity today ironically. Yes, I would appreciate that How easy are the Alfa seats to get hold of?
  4. Hi Colin The Vitesse is not exactly roomy, that's why I sold mine. I fitted Mazda MX5 seats, which made it a lot better. I have a pair of immaculate MX5 seats for sale, they fit perfectly
  5. Hi Chaps I have just sold my lovely Vitesse and am now considering buying a Stag or 2000 saloon. Are there any owners in the Essex area that would let me sit in their cars to see if I can get a comfy driving position? I am 6'3" with a bad back, and have never driven either car, so appreciate knowing if either are suitable before looking to buy. Also looking for general advice on those models I am near Chelmsford, but happy to travel a fair way Thanks
  6. Thinking about it, it is not possible to fit studding and 2 nuts on a front over rider as the bracket has to sit flush with the chassis stanchion. I made a 15mm square nut, drilled and tapped it 5/16 UNF. I then gently prised open one side of the cage and will slip it in (so to speak ) and close it back up
  7. It's a front over rider, but could use the same method. Only problem is lack of adjustment.
  8. I just had one of my Vitesse over riders chrome plated. They did a lovely job, but when I got home, I noticed one of the captive nuts was missing from the cage. As it has managed to stay there for over 50 years, I was a bit perplexed. I phone them and asked if they could look for it, and they found it. When I collected it, a huge amount of metal seems to have been dissolved away in the stripping process, including the thread. I will now have to make a new nut, and try and slip it into the cage, as the original will rotate when tightening. I assume it was quite corroded and so the metal oxide has dissolved. I wonder how such items could be protected?
  9. Thanks for all the information. I will probably go for the Falkens
  10. You may be pleased to know that a gasket is available for the choke disc valve assembly on the Stromberg CD150 as fitted to the Vitesse. Originally, the seal relied on a metal to metal mate, but they often leak, as did mine, and I was fed up with fuel dripping onto the newly painted chassis. I have made a gasket, shown below, but enquired at Burlen's and they do in fact stock one. I also obtained a new choke spindle and bush as they were quite sloppy, so that should improve cold starting. What a great company, true expertise.
  11. I need new tyres for my MK2 Vitesse. It has original steel wheels Recommended tyres are 155 SR 13, but the Michelins are very espensive I have also seen 175 x 13 Pirellis recommended, but worry about body fouling and wheel trims popping off with the wider wheel, as well as heavier steering Can anyone tell me what make and size they have on their car with the same wheels Thanks
  12. Mystery solved. They fit over the screws in between the slats of the grille
  13. Hi Folks I am trying to find a front O/S over rider for my Vitesse I don't mind if it needs rechroming, as long as it isn't dented and the captive nuts are ok
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