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  1. Thanks Looks great, one thing I am getting is that it definitely looks like it will save the poor old back for most jobs chassis as well. Cheers Ian
  2. Clive Thank you very much for this reply, it is extremely helpful, I did not realise that you could use a jig with the chassis on, and I totally get what you are saying about doing the structural stuff with the body on, it makes absolute sense. Thank you Ian
  3. Hi everyone I am after a bit of advice please before I dive in. I intend to take the body off a Spitfire 1500 because it needs lots of work, especially sills, floor pans and arches. May I ask please your thoughts on the following: Are rollover/rotisserie type jigs worth it. Is there any inherent dangers of distortion etc in using one, obviously I would brace the door gaps. Would it be just as easy to put the body on a raised platform and just flip it over as required. Cheers Ian
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