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  1. Hi everyone can someone tell me how high the steering rack sits above the crossmember? in my mockup on the mid engined spitfire, it clamped with 2 exhaust u bolts to the mounts but I know it is too low. I will buy some solid mounts, but until then I want to pack it at the right hight. regards nick
  2. Hi Dave there lies my problem. I bought my spit part by part. It is a mid engined spitfire based on a VW Passat with a 1.8t engine and transaxle where your dif is. All I can tell is the steering column nut thread is 14mm 9/16” 😁
  3. That’s what worries me, knowing my luck I have bought the wrong one.
  4. I have that tap, it’s much bigger than the thread on the column
  5. Thanks everyone, as it’s not a common size there is no point buying a tap, so I bought a nut instead.
  6. Thank you do you know what size thread it is?
  7. Hi everyone does anyone know what thread the steering boss lock but is? It’s some sort of 9/16” fine thread by the looks of it. is it unf? Need a nut! by the way, had to source a steering wheel boss, and wasn’t going to pay crazy BB money, turns out a 16mm Mazda ones fits perfectly
  8. Hi There the ignition switch has fallen out of the back of the steering column, how is supposed to be kept in place? I cant see anything obvious, put it in, it just drops out.. Cheers Nick
  9. thats how mine was when i bought it
  10. Hi On my mid-engined Spitfire as i have no engine up front I do need to open the bonnet as it does, so i want to lose the over-riders and fabricate a new front that will channel air through the radiator and up through the bonnet like my old ferrari dino does. This means I have to move the front hinges, has anyone done this? I saw an article about fitting mk2 bumber to a mkiv, but some elements of the hinges stayed in front of the fropnt cross member.. fingers crossed Regards Nick
  11. Hi John I thought of that, however I need to put the exhaust somewhere, however if i can i will brace the dampers between the bolts making a removable strut (thats the plan anyway) Regards Nick
  12. Hi Everyone The latest on my car. The car is welded up now, all rot has been removed and replaced with new metal. The rear arches have been fabricated and an inner frame has been welded into the rear section to give rigidity and add another mounting point to the chassis. There are a couple of small area still to be addressed but on the whole the major body work is complete. The front is also now at the correct ride height. The body is now off the car again and i am fitting the engine wiring, cooling pipes, gearbox linkages and brake pipe. After this i can finally attach the body for the very last time unfortunately i have had to strip the lower end off the engine as it looks like the previous owner had dropped the engine and the sump was cracked and was leaking oil I have bought some doors, they fit (just) i will need to open the door opening somehow, the car was without a chassis for so long the door gaps have shrunk. I have also bought a bonnet which i am picking up at the end of the month.
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