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  1. Hi Mathew, just Googled Duxford and came up with 3 of them. It depends where, I have no roof (yet) and only a 5 gallon fuel cell. But I really want to go to some Triumph meets..
  2. Hi Everyone, does anyone know if this meeting is still on? I tried to email the organisers but haven't had a reply yet. If it is, I assume 8:00pm in Wraysbury is correct.. thank you, Nick
  3. My latest addition is a rear anti roll bar, I used an Audi TT roll bar and it fitted perfectly, it is almost as though it was designed for my car. It has transformed the way it goes round corners, it is so planted and flat, no understeer.. Still getting used to it, I am wondering if I need to go for stiffer rear springs and loosen off the dampers in the Gaz shocks.
  4. True, but a 5 gallon fuel cell is all I could afford at the time
  5. Hi everyone are there any car meets around the Slough, South Bucks or Heathrow area?
  6. I only have a 5 gallon tank! So might take quite a while
  7. Yes John the rear boot lid opens and exposes the exhaust and gearbox the front flips up using audi tt bonnet hinges. My fuel cell is where the engine normally goes
  8. Hi John i have made a cover for the engine, the bit where the filler goes, but tbh i get asked to show the engine all the time! i might do something out if perspex.. but jury is out..
  9. Hi Everyone, I've been a member on and off since the 1990s, I've had many Spitfires, all have been somewhat controversial by purists standards.. So please let me introduce my latest Spitfire, something truly different.. If triumph were to make a Spitfire in the 21st Century what would it be like. Anyway my take.. My 1978 Spitfire is now powered by a 1.8 20v turbo engine from a VW Passat (to be fair when I bought the car it was just a rotted out shell and chassis, no rolling bits, doors or bonnet). I decided to make my Spitfire mid-engined, so I mounted the engine where a Spitfire's differential normally sits. The gearbox sits in an Audio A6 quattro rear subframe attached to the Spit's chassis. A space frame chassis then gives the whole thing a little more rigidity. The rear suspension are Lotus ELise Gaz Golds and Audi control arms. The front of the car has gone through a number of revisions, now I am using a standard Spitfire steering rack and hubs, Canley Classic wishbones and Gaz gold shocks. I did have to raise the suspension towers 2" to fit the 17 inch rims. The Spitfire hubs have been modified to accept Audi 5x112 wheels. The engine has been upgraded, the turbo replaced with a larger T04, injectors and MAF are from an Audi TT and the ecu mapped to about 300 bhp. The car weighs little more than 600 kg. I have also added Methanol/Water injection, which assists in propelling the car from 0-60 in about 3 seconds and 15-85mph in 3rd gear in 3.5 seconds. The car also has a theoretical top speed of just under 200 mph. The car has been in a number of magazines
  10. Hi everyone can someone tell me how high the steering rack sits above the crossmember? in my mockup on the mid engined spitfire, it clamped with 2 exhaust u bolts to the mounts but I know it is too low. I will buy some solid mounts, but until then I want to pack it at the right hight. regards nick
  11. Hi Dave there lies my problem. I bought my spit part by part. It is a mid engined spitfire based on a VW Passat with a 1.8t engine and transaxle where your dif is. All I can tell is the steering column nut thread is 14mm 9/16” 😁
  12. That’s what worries me, knowing my luck I have bought the wrong one.
  13. I have that tap, it’s much bigger than the thread on the column
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