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  1. Cheers Pete I hadn’t heard of canleys till today
  2. Hiya I’m trying to track down the top adjustment bracket for the alternator and the arm rest which goes over the hand brake cheers guys 👍
  3. I’ve more pics with them in place if it helps anyone, , kinda disappointing now as not sure what to do, can I regrind my old ones ?
  4. Hiya guys thanks for your response, After posting this today i put the old rockers ( nothing worse than old rockers lol ) back on and no problems at all so I contacted Rimmers who have been really helpful n after a few hours of emails pics and phone calls they said their stock are all the same and have offered a refund upon returning them. Mmmmmm so looked on James paddock and they us the same part number as rimmer so do that mean same dodgy batch ? Any one got any ideas or have a good set I could buy, plus I’m after a Lucas distributor with tacho drive Cheers 👍
  5. New to your forum so 😀 Gotta say a massive hiya guys 👍 Just doing a full Resto on a gt6 mk2 n oh boy it’s fighting me lol, was hoping to go for the first fire up with the rolling chassis the weekend but came across a push rod head scratch. I’ve replaced everything apart from the pedestals on the top end ( rocker, rod, springs etc ) and carefully mirrored the old one but the push rods are rubbing on the casting where they come through the head, ( approx 3- 4m/m ) mainly on three exhaust rockers. I can’t space them from the pedestals as this would throw the rocker of central to the valve. These parts were bought from rimmer bros Just wondered if anyone has come across this before ?? Thanks 👍
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