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  1. Afternoon Scrapman. I am going to hang onto the 2500 stg wheel. As the car has had power stg fitted at some time, although the 2000 stg will look right it may well make the stg a bit vague. Thanks Silvos
  2. Many thanks Pete. Your car sounds very similar to mine, except mine is dark red, with dark brown Ambla trim. I was told the 2500 stg wheel was fitted when it had a power stg conversion. What sort of cost for the wheel? Cheers Silvos
  3. Morning, my newly aquired 76 Mk2 2000TC needs a correct two spoke basic steering wheel to replace the very nice but wrong 2500 Ally three spoke. Does anyone have a basic Mk2 2000TC steering wheel with centre pad please. Thanks Silvos
  4. Thanks for the advice, I think my can of satin black may be coming into play.
  5. Hi, I have 76 2000TC with the round "can" type of air filter. This and the collector box on the SU Carbs is currently silver. Is this correct or should they be black? Thanks Silvos
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