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  1. Dougie

    Rocker Arm broken

    Thanks all (again). I’ll read and re-read all of the comments, lots to digest. Overall, hope it’s just unlucky and won’t happen on the other rockers! Push rod doesn’t seem to be bent ..
  2. Dougie

    Rocker Arm broken

    Thanks for all the replies ! As far as I can see there aren’t any bushes. It had been standing for a while (garage showroom) as far as I know. I got about 15 miles before it went. picture of the break below.
  3. Just found this thread after posting one on rocker arms - I had one break.. is that unheard of or not? Would you expect them to have bushes? Mine doesn’t seem to?
  4. Hi guys (Novice alert..be gentle!) My first outing in my GT6 Vincent Hurricane didn’t end too well! Exhaust Rocker arm broke, seems to have given up under stress? Maybe just one of those things? Anyone else had the same? Where’s the best place for a replacement? and should there be a copper bush or something between the arm and the shaft? cheers
  5. Hi all I’m a new fan/enthusiast! Not 100% sure what I’m doing but I’m at least on the learning curve! Just bought a GT6 Vincent Hurricane- fairly sure one of the members on here built her! Hoping I get to go for the first spin in her today, still trying to work out what all the buttons on the dash (I’ve circled one below) do & why the indicators don’t work 🤷‍♂️ Like I said, learning curve ... anyway I was looking for a place to start for advice and guidance and of the clubs/websites I saw this seems like the most inviting! 🤞 I’ll need a lot of guidance so hope I’m in the right place ! cheers !
  6. Hi Potey I think I’ve just brought this car !! Looks like you know WAY more than I do (I’m on a learning curve). Would you be up for getting in touch? I’ve got lots of questions 😬🙂 I’m very excited about it!
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