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‘Banksy’ GT6 near Brick Lane

Dave the tram

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For those of you who may be unaware of it, here are a couple of links to stuff about the GT6 on a roof near Brick Lane. I discovered this for myself when taking a friend for an unusual meal - the ‘restaurant’ was in an old Routemaster bus parked in a yard off Brick Lane - half the seats replaced by tables, kitchen on the bottom deck and a few tables around it. For the loos you had to walk round the corner to the pub with Punk bands playing. We sat on the top deck and as we got onto the second bottle of wine, the gentle rocking on its suspension became a bit disconcerting. When I looked out of the window and spotted a Mk 3 GT6, a bit like mine but pink, on a roof next to us I thought there must have been something else in the wine. I think the Routemaster restaurant has now gone and the car has gone through several iterations, has been claimed as a ‘Banksy’ and is currently in a Perspex box. Still, I always thought the GT6 styling to be a work of art anyway and mine I drive around for others to gain pleasure from viewing. Haha.

The first link is about the locations history as brewery with a brief section on the car. The second gives some history and a sequence of photos as the car evolved over time. If the second link isn’t there or won’t open, go to it through the section in the first link.





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