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Bodywork specialists in Cheshire area

Kevin Atkins

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Hello all,

With my GT6 now in pretty good shape mechanically, I need to start thinking about bodywork / cosmetics. The car is basically sound but I'm looking to have it repainted in its correct original colour (currently Wedgewood Blue, original colour was French Blue, which is my favourite colour for GT6's), as well as some localised structural work - the front OS outrigger needs replacing, as do ideally both front chassis fillet pieces..

So.. does anyone have recommendations of any decent specialists in the Cheshire East area that would be able to take this on? The car isn't perfect, and will likely never be a show queen - what I'm after is a decent job without doing a full rebuild. The main thing is to fix rust bubbling in seams and get a good coat of paint on the car so it looks better, and mainly, so rust is arrested before it goes any further 😜

All and any suggestions welcome, and feel free to DM if you'd prefer.


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