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Mk1 GT6 Bodysell and Bonnet.


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I don't know if anyone will be interested in this, it ​is a longshot but here goes...

I live in Cumbria and was on the West Coast train this afternoon ,heading back home half asleep. However, as the train left Wigton station, I spotted a familiar object, a GT6 bonnet, removed from the bodyshell that was standing behind it. From what I could see, bearing in mind it was from a slowly moving train, neither piece looked in too bad a condition and it looked, to me, like an abandoned project.

Of course I may have this completely and utterly WRONG, but if anyone is interested then I can give fairly precise details about the location. I've just had a look on Google Earth and unfortunately there is some sort of problem with that area, it isn't clear at all.

I apologise in advance if it does end up wasting someone's time but you never know...

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