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Large Collection of Courier Magazines looking for a home


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I am going through a major de-cluttering process at the moment, and my 30 years of Courier magazines has got to go. It seems a shame to consign them to the magazine recycling skip, so I’m offering them here in the hope that they’ll find a good home. I’ve checked with TSSC HQ and they don’t want them.

They are free to anyone who can come and collect them from just south of Bedford. I’m not interested in splitting, or sorting out specific issues, or posting or couriering - I just need them to go with the minimum of effort.

They’re all packed up in easily manageable boxes, ready to go.

With the exception of three issues (107 May ’89, 365 Nov 2010 & 420 Jun 2015) there is an unbroken run from May 1987 to December 2017.

There are also a few Turning Circle mags from ’86 to ’91’, plus some member’s handbooks and regalia catalogues.



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If you would be happy to hang on to them until the 6th July (on my way to Leics) or 7th July on my return, I can collect them.

For the 6th it would be late morning / lunchtime and the 7th would be late afternoon / evening.

Is that of assistance ??

Many thanks.


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