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Have you got enough bottle?

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Hello All,

At the risk of instructing Grandma on the complexities of sucking eggs.........I have recently made a change to my Vitesse's windscreen washer bottle, which I thought might be of interest to someone out there. My car is a '68 2 Litre Mk1, and had a puny little washer bottle branded as 'Trafalgar', although I imagine that there'll be many out there with Tudor bottles of similarly diminutive proportions. The space available for the bottle is pretty limited on the Vitesse, so your options are somewhat limited if you want to scale things up. I took some measurements, then had a search about on the Interwebby to see what I could find. Rimmers and the other usual suspects do a larger capacity bottle, but want silly money for them, so instead I found a laboratory supplies company on E-Bay that produce a 1.1L HDPE bottle with a wide neck and screw on top for 1.95 + p&p (4.60 in total).


This bottle fits in fine, and I chose to make mine look a little bit more authentic by buying a couple of 'Tudor' labels from a Graphics company on E-Bay for the princely sum of 1.69 inclusive of p&p.


I used the existing nipple and tube from the Trafalgar bottle, drilling the screw cap for the nipple and also a small vent hole, and just added on a bit of tubing to the end to get the extra depth required in the new bottle. The result works well, took minutes to adapt and fit, and has significantly increased the bottle capacity for a minimal outlay. 

Suck those eggs Grandma!!




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