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  1. Hi all, I've recently fitted the club hazard light kit to my Vitesse. All was working well. I've now swapped over to LED indicator bulbs and replaced the flasher relay with an LED compatible one as well as replacing the flasher relay in the hazard kit. Whilst the indicators work well, when I pull out the hazard switch the inline fuse (to the hazard switch) blows. Do I need to replace the small bulb in the hazard switch do you think? or fit a resistor somewhere to reduce current? Many thanks all
  2. Help! After putting My Vitesse mkII on ramps to check the diff it has now developed a clutch issue? Driving off ok, but change to 2nd and the clutch is making a fairly loud rattle when coming off the clutch pedal that keeps going until I accelerate Closer inspection reveals the slave piston is 'wobbly' as is the plate attached to the gearbox drive shaft. There is also lots of movement in the clutch pedal before it starts to feel pressure. Is it the spring inside the piston assembly or something worse?? Is it ok to keep driving short distances also?
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