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  1. Thanks for all your replies and tips - all I've got to due is find a spare day now.😀
  2. Morning Colin and Johny Thanks for your advice, I had a feeling that changing the UJs on the car wasn't going to work.
  3. Evening all I have a replacement diff from Mike Papworth to replace my incredibly noisy diff. I have 2 questions 1) would it be worth replacing the UJs whilst the diff is off? and if so, can you change the UJs on the car whilst the diff is of or is it necessary to remove the hub assembly to change them? 2) will I need a spring lifter and could I do this in a day. thanks in anticipation. John
  4. To update - my grill is refreshed and quite possibly not to standard spec, but I like the way it gives the car a slightly more aggressive look:
  5. Hi Paul - I have used some Black felt from Woolies (87-2-1/16). To get the correct thickness to hold the glass I folded over one edge by 10mm and glued it down with some contact adhesive. It looks like it was meant to be and is far better fit than any of the off the shelf channel that I bought. john
  6. Thanks Jeff that looks just like mine, having trawled the net it looks like they might have been painted silver( to match the earlier aluminium grills) with black reveals.
  7. Evening All I have a plastic grill on my 1360 and after some new paint the grill is now letting the car down. I want to improve it, can anybody tell me what colour the grills where originally. Many thanks John
  8. Thanks all - I’ve used the automotive adhesive already it’s a great get out of jail free card. All I’ve got to do is find a pair of brackets . cheers john
  9. Evening All looking under my bonnet today I noticed a couple of brackets with nothing attached. The car has been completely stripped, repaired and rebuild by 2 different people so I don’t recall what was originally fitted to them. Some cars seem to have the horns fitted to them and some a strengthening plate. Is there a single correct answer or are both options factrey. cheers John
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