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  1. Does anyone know or would anyone be so kind as to measure the width and height of theleft and right spitfire 1500 parcel trays as well as the hole for the stereo, I'm a hundred miles from the car and just found a retro stereo but a bti nervous to buy without measuring! Any help wouldbe much apprecaited!
  2. google it or take a look on Ebay seems a good competitor and no need for a EDIS, thanks for the help
  3. Thanks, the answer i was hopig for. I am actually looking at either Nodiz or mega jolt (any prefeences? ) to be honest I'm trying to get he car done for my wedding which is tight enpugh as it is let alone messing around with fitting the mapped ignition that wil have to come later... Cheers
  4. Ok, so I'm just recomissioning Spitfire 1500, it now has Webers but unfortuantly for the time being I'll be using standard mechanical points set-up, I will change this to electronic at somepoint but no time at the moment. My quesiton do I still need\can I still have the distributor vacumn or can I do without? I'm currently missing it anyway and as mechanical points are only going to be temporary I dont know if need to get one or not?? Thanks
  5. thanks, that was a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be!!
  6. of course forgot to say.. Its Spitfire 1500 (1977) one of the earlier types with Overdrive Cheers
  7. I am about to embark on fitting a new wiring loom (main and body) from Rimmer bros, the old loom was taken out years ago so no real reference point (though I have the smaller looms such as gearbox and front lights etc) I plan to use the various wiring diagrams, the new looms and a dose of common sense. To that point does anyone have any additional advice for doing this or can you advice if I need any additional wires or connectors than supplied, i.e. earth wires or similar (as I said I have the smaller harnesses for lighting and gearbox etc so should be covered there) and I'm aware I need the various relays and flasher unites etc etc.... Just trying to make this as painless as possible so any advice that can be provided would be very much appreciated Thanks Ben
  8. cool thanks all, 63 purchased, thanks again!
  9. Does anyone know the measurements of the battery box (not a memorable number I'm sure!!). I would measure it but I'm 80 miles from the car, buying a battery and being asked for the size of the box so I an fit the biggest battery I can. Many thanks Ben
  10. Two Clive's, wasn't expecting that! Anyway big thanks to both of you for helping to simplify and make sense of the options!...
  11. Thanks Client, points noted and much appreciated, grommets and spare holes already filled (quite what they are all for who knows!) I think I then plan to go the Dynamat and Dynaliner route, I only plan in doing this sort of thing once so this seems the best alround approach.
  12. Thanks Clive, that is very encouraging, nice pics too! Did you find it added a lot of weight to the car? And did you notice any difference in performance afterwards, just curious as a lot of what I have read suggests it is extremly heavy though in my mind once you factor in the weight of the alternative standard underfelt the difference must be fairly marginable, be interested to hear your thoughts. Also am I correct in saying that the Noise Isolator 10 is similar to the Dynaliner offered by Dynamat which goes on top of the shiny deadning mat? Thanks again
  13. Great thanks for the help, looks like I'll be giving Garth and dynamat a call in the new year...
  14. Hi, Does anyone have experience of fitting sound\heat proofing to a triumph spitfire? I'm considering fitting dynamat + dynerliner instead of the typical underfelt. I should say here that the car has now been totally stripped and fully painted both inside and out so I have a blank canvas to start with. However I'm somewhat confused on what to use for the best balance between a comfortable drive and adding weight affecting the performance, I've read lot about Dynamat extreme and Dynamat Superlite and still not sure. Does anyone have any experiecne of either sound proofing and recarpetting a spitfire or the Dynamat product itsself? Many thanks
  15. Just upgrading to Weber 40's on a fast road car and not sure which fuel pump to go for cylinder or cube, can anyone advise what the difference is (apart from the shape) and the pros\cons to either. Thanks in advance B
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