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  1. Spit running well now so smaller issues are being noticed. When making a sharp turn, either from rest or at low speed, I'm hearing what I can only describe as a puff noise from the rear suspension area (like a gentle fart lol). Thought it was only on turning right but noticed it going left as well, just not as loud. I'm struggling to identify what's causing it as I cannot recreate when stationary and can't pin it down when driving. I'm just wondering, could the swing spring make a noise like this when the bottom leaf moves? Other candidates I'm considering are bushes or possibly the shocks. Would be interested to know if anyone has experienced similar.
  2. Ha ha. Those bits look a lot bigger than the stuff I found. Was the gearbox still actually working ok with all that metal "missing"?
  3. No overdrive but useful to hear your experience which suggests to me that the magnetic plug is probably worth fitting.
  4. All the bits I saw stuck to my magnet when I "stirred" the used oil so I'm thinking they would probably have stuck to a magnet on the drain plug if it had been fitted at the time. Most of the metal was fairly fine so obviously better if that is not free to move about.
  5. I have fitted a magnetic drain plug so maybe I will drain it again after a while, see if it has picked anything up and take some pictures if significant.
  6. Too late I'm afraid, all in my waste oil now. I don't think anything would have been big enough to identify though.
  7. Ok, thanks. There were no specific problems but I had the car up doing something else and as I had no idea what was in there and how long it had been there I thought I would change it for an oil I knew was suitable.
  8. Changed the Spitfires gearbox oil today and what came out was black. Gave it a stir with a magnet & quite a lot of very fine metal with a few slightly larger pieces, up to maybe 2mm. Just wondering if this is typical or not?
  9. Well yes, the Spitfire was specifically positioned as a competitor to the Sprite/Midget I suppose so it just had to be perceived as better than them ☺️
  10. I suppose "Luxury" is a relative concept lol. This was in the days before the trade descriptions act I'm guessing πŸ€”
  11. Found another magazine from May 63 with an advertisement on the rear cover for the new Triumph Spitfire 4 and also a small write up & picture in the editorial.
  12. Again, many thanks all.
  13. Many thanks for all advice πŸ‘
  14. I looked for the breather (not for very long) but couldn't find it. What am I looking for? Also, the oil that did come out was black. Is that usual? Don't think I have ever seen used diff oil before.
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