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GT6 Mk 3 Exterior Door Handle Assembly

Kevin Atkins

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Hi all,

The driver's side exterior door handle broke on my GT6 Mk. 3, and it was looking a bit shabby and pitted anyway so I bought a pair of new handles. On disassembly, it appeared the lock assembly was also not functional and disconnected and this is the bit that puzzles me as I don't have anything to work from.

I have fitted the new handle and it was pretty straightforward but I can't see how the bar that drops from the lock barrel on the handle assembly engages with the bar / pin that sticks out of the back of the door catch / lock assembly. It's the bar with a spring steel bit on the end of it.. Any pointers would be much appreciated!

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In principle simple. It is the eye of the split pin itself which is pushed onto the lock lever on the latch mechanism. Appropriate adjustment of the locking function is then made by slding the split pin up or down in its sprung clip. When correctly adjusted the eye of the split pin is retained on the locking lever by pushing on a tightly fitting starlock washer (but a e-clip will do or even an internally toothed shakeproof washer).

The un-simple aspect is when the split pin of the supplied unit does not have a big enough eye. For this situation first port of call is to see if a better pin can be scavenged from the former units.

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Thanks @chrishawley that was very helpful; with your explanation it made sense and I've now got a car with internal and external door handles and locks that all work! It was quite fiddly getting it all adjusted, and also have to say the quality of the replacement parts was a bit suspect in places.. so much so that I had to replace a couple of parts on the new exterior door handles with items taken from the old ones as they were either missing or fractured!

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