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3D Printer files for model 948 Herald Coupe

Chris Longhurst

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As you have probably realised, as well as being interested in real Heralds, I also have an interest in model cars. I was googling plastic Heralds when I came across this link for a 948 model Herald. The car has the wrong front valance for a 948/early 1200 car but otherwise looks accurate.

I thought at first I had found a source of unpainted coupe models for a project I have in mind to make models of the Works Team coupes from 1960. I soon realised that the $109 was for some files, & as far as I can make out from the specs.' were not 3D printable 'ready'. Luckily I had not pressed the buy button!!


Questions for those who have knowledge of 3D printing (I have no practical experience & only very general knowledge):-

1. Could these files be used on a 'domestic 3D' printer without major rewrites?

2. One issue I can see is in painting the printed model if it is one item rather than components like an Airfix kit; could the model be printed in layers & 'glued' together after painting?

3. How would the 'scans' have been made for the files - from a real car or model or workshop manual measurements?

Thanks in advance - Chris


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