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does anyone know the RHP equivalent number for the 117511 bearing in the gearbox?

I've tracked down the 104433 to a RHP 58391D but cant find the other bearing. I am after some quality bearings for my gearbox rebuild and don't want the cheap and nasty ones that some suppliers sell!

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Which gearbox do you have? If it's an early 3-rail 3-synchro gearbox, the tail bearing is an RLS6 (aka LJ3/4 or LS8), for later gearboxes (4-syncho 3-rail or 4-synchro single-rail) it should be an RLS7 (aka LJ7/8 or LS9).

For the main bearings (104433), I think you're mistaken, it should be an RHP MJ1NR (aka RMS8N or MS10K). Unfortunately, they're extremely hard to find now. Based on this post on another forum, your best bet is to look for KSM RMS8N, the N or NR suffix is important, it needs to have a recess for the retaining clip.

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