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Timing gear cover T Herald


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Hi all,

A technical question, I'm just about to change the oil seal in the timing gear cover 1296cc engine and have noticed that some of the bolts have screw heads 🤔 is this correct and why are some bolts and some are screws. Never seen this before.

Thanks David

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Quite right, Rudders!  But there's even more to it than that!  As the diagram shows there are nuts on studs, bolts into threaded holes, screws and one short screw!

Timing cover reinforcement : Spitfire & GT6 Forum : The Triumph Experience

This arrangement is common to both four and six cylinder Triumphs.   The screws, with the exception of the short one, are into the front engine plate;  the stud with nut is there to help location on installation.   I presume that Triumph wanted all to be fitted from the front for ease in  production, so the screws were to limit the torque that the hairy-chested assembly line workers could apply to the very short threads in the engine plate.    Else they would have used nuts and bolts.


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