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  1. Yes! Work it to and fro! If at any time the bolt starts to squeal, STOP! It may be about to seize and break! Reverse, oil again, wait, try again. John PS Pressure cooker, good idea! Did you cook in some oil?
  2. Wow! And I thought SofS was the only racing Vitesse left in the UK! Does anyone know the owner? PS I've found him! Geoff Mackrill. Anyone know him? John
  3. WD40 is USELESS as a penetrant. As a product it's as overhyped as the American's "Marvel Mystery Oil"!! "Coke" is just ridiculous! Ive been impressed with "Innotec Deblock Oil XS". To try and keep anything soaking the part is a good idea, or else, frequent (every hour?) little squirts. John
  4. JohnD

    Noise camera's

    Pete Lewis, a "quick test in the pits" it is not! See the Blue Book Section J, p.153. where the conditions are defined in extensive detail. John
  5. JohnD

    Noise camera's

    When I had "Wheel barrow" exhausts on Silverback, one scrutineer found it too loud, on one side! I offered to only circulate the track in that direction but that got tyhe respect it deserved, and I was given a caution - "correct before next time". JOhn
  6. The amount that a spring washer is compressed must be a long, long way from the yield point!
  7. Certainly, the young are less likely to be severely ill, but there is wide variation. Tenagers, without 'vulnerabilities' have died. More important is that infected youngsters can pass it on the parents grandparents etc, who by now will have domishong immunity ,unless they are 'boosted'. The ideal is 'herd immunity' but the big is now so infective that requires 90%+ to be immune. So, get vaccinated? John
  8. "Look, and you shall find" Well done! JOhn
  9. I've been giving booster AND flu jabs at same time, different arms, natch! Lots keen on the idea, saves another trip. But our project to hold Vax clinic in a bus at the Uni fell flat. In two days we did almost, not quite, forty people!! We wanted the Freshers, many of whom will only have had one jab, but it seems that The Rules prevent the Uni asking them how many they have had! Madness, when they are just moving into a new community! We continue to hold clinics at Uni, although that as asked for their brand new Health Campus building back, so we can't use it anymore. They wanted to teach people in it, or some such nonsense! John
  10. Might be more useful if you explianed what it was you needed steadying. John
  11. JohnD

    Engine mounts

    Poor quality rubber in mounts has been a bane. Rear gearbox mounts in particular.
  12. Hang on Trevver, Show us a pic! Flywheel teeth are bevelled to aid engagement with the starter pinion. JOhn
  13. JohnD

    So satisfying

    I was at medical school with one who became Dr.Bastard. No messing about, no "B'tard", no Barsteward, just Bastard pure and simple. Rather posh, and a good doctor too! John
  14. Mathew, Yes I did! I got mush advice, from 'hit it harder', to 'weld a pull hammer onto it'. But the best advice (thank you, Nick Jones!) was to look inside the hole in the flywheel hub, that takes the spigot of the Torque converter, that is about half an inch in diameter. There is another bore at the base of that hole, threaded to take a 5/16 bolt, that screwed in will push off the flywheel from the crank shaft. BUT, tha hole so deep that a 3" bolt with 2" of thread is needed! Well lubricated, I used copperease on the jacking bolt, the fly wheel came off easily. It's not what you know, it's the way you hand it out. I owe Nick a drink! John PS Andy Flexney? He's not on here under that name. Please point him to this thread? J.
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