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  1. Great minds an' all that, Gary! https://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/7571-modified-and-fabricated-tools-show-tell/ About two thirds the way down the page.
  2. JohnD


    "Range anxiety" is such a foolish thing! What's the range of your IC car? About 300 miles! Sure, you can fill up in five minutes, but even at an average speed of 60mph, that will take you 5 hours to drive! You really should take at least a twenty minute break before going on. Remember - commercial drivers may not continue for longer than six hours without a break of at least 30 minutes, and never for more than 9 hours in a day. Clive, Like this? John
  3. Go for it, Colin! This is my souvenir of the Spitfire Aces' appearance on "Mission-Ignition!" It was part of the set design, and as each episode used different cars wouldn't be used again, so I asked if I might have it. Had to hire a van and go back another day, but worth it, IMHO! https://www.channel4.com/programmes/mission-ignition/on-demand/66957-004
  4. Instead of stating that the oil should be this or that viscosity, let's discuss the purpose of the oil and the damper. SU and Stromberg carbs lack the 'accelerator pump' mechanism that Webers and similar have. This makes the mixture richer on acceleration. Instead, recall that in a constant velocity carb ( SU or S'rg) the damper slows the rise of the piston as the engine speed increases. This keeps the airflow, over the bridge where the fuel jet and needle live, higher. By Bernouille, faster flow means lower pressure, so more fuel is sucked out into the air stream, making the mixture richer. So, if you want maximum performance, use a thicker oil. For economy, use thinner. Otherwise there is nothing magic about the oil you use. Even the "Marvel Mystery Oil" so beloved by our American cousins isn't the answer, unless you know what it's viscosity is! John
  5. The "white stuff" is a mild abrasive as a very fine powder, suspended in the polish. That's why you were instructed to 'shake the bottle'! It's a solid, and not soluble in anything that won't also dissolve your hood, seats and trousers! Or you! Only way to remove it is to wash it out, with lots of water and some detergent to suspend the particles in it. Trousers probably OK in the washing machine - best done alone - but a pressure spray, hose pipe and a soft scrubbing brush best for the rest. Good luck! John
  6. This week, New Scientist, ever the harbinger of novel ideas in the zeitgeist, is asking "Why self-driving cars could be going the way of the jetpack?" More worrying is that all these electronic gizmos are more reasons for cars to go wrong and be scrapped. I worried about the gadget that turns the engine off when I'm waiting at the lights. In a traffic jam that can happen every few seconds, so I asked the dealer if it could be switched off. He explained that if the car senses that the battery is being depleted by constant restarts, it won't turn off the engine! I love the electric handbrake! It goes on when I halt, goes off after two sends if I do nothing, and if I do engage it by hand, goes off imperceptively as I move away. But what if it stops working? There is a hand release at the bottom of the central console, but what do I do then? John
  7. JohnD

    Engine mount

    Yes, but as you know, clearance from the rad is minimal. Mounting the engine behind the turrets gains you about half an inch, invaluable here! There's plenty of play in the rear, gearbox mountings to accommodate that. And in the prop shaft splines.
  8. JohnD

    Essential reading ?

    Daughters! What can you do with them? Mine rang up one evening to ask, the water's falling out of my radiator. Is it alright to drive home? "Home" was only a few miles for her, but 250 for me. Fortunately, boyfriend ( now husband) was available and reported that all the fins on the rad had fallen out/rotted and some of the tubes too. He got her home and car to garage. Thing was this wasn't the first time for this car, and it's radiator. When belonged to her Mother, I was shocked to find the same effect, pre-massive leak. All the fins had rotted. I had hoped that this was a bad batch, but clearly, it wasnt. Never buy a Colt.
  9. JohnD

    Essential reading ?

    Can't say this is my favourite manual, or even useful, when the Preface refers to the recent introduction of Front Wheel Brakes, but it is stil delightful!
  10. JohnD

    Essential reading ?

    Each to their own! The best intensivist physician ever knew was at the "angry pixies" stage about all the electronic monitors, sensors and equipment that his medicine relied on. And I'm the same about my computer! Like the above, I think I can repair a classic car, and have a go at diagnosing a modern, but that black box - in the sense of being a sable colour, and of being incomprehensible between input and output - on my desk is completely unknown territory. I could program in Basic and machine code, but WTF is it doing, lashing the hard drive for hours and slowing things down one day, and not the next? Why does Outlook break down regularly, only to be fixed by Microsofts online wizards, only to break down again? Arthur C.Clarke said that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." He didn't define "sufficiently" but 'beyond one's education' might do. DVD3500, how are you on, say, paper making? Or, medicine? John
  11. The Rotaflex version of Triumph rear suspension ceases to be a 'swing-axle', instead it is a twin wishbone, with a raher long upper 'bone, that doubles as a spring. So all the efforts to use coil springs are, IMHO, futile! Unless you want to be able to change the spring stiffness easily. The weak points of the Rotaflex are the rubber donut itself, and the MASSIVE wishbone that Triumph used! By using CV jointed drive shafts, and a fabricated wishbone, these can be corrected. Here's the wishbone I use on SofS: It also uses an MGF upright. This is version two, as V1, in thinner tube proved too weak. The first tube used was about the same as that seen above in the Lotus Europa, but then Colin Chapman was noted for building his cars JUST strong enough, and sometimes not enough! John
  12. We don't want to know about your personal life!
  13. My compressor is a Clarke from MachineMart. Not had a guarantee claim, but one problem with a cut-out switch after ten years, and with the condensor after fifteen (approx) Both times, their Customer servcie lne was easy to access and quic to advise, accuarately and qith quick delivery of spares. John
  14. Will you bring it to Malvern, Nick? I'd love to see it in the real!
  15. If its good enough for Ferrari .... More pics, please! Does the rear section lift up, like a standard bonnet?
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