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  1. I used the return trip from a family holiday in France to collect a Vitesse bonnet from Honeybourne Mouldings. It went onto the roof of the modern - the family were mystified why I fitted roof bars before the holiday, but refused to put anything up there - and annoyed that the car's speed was reduced on the journey home (200miles?) by the enormous wing effect! But my family were very understanding! John
  2. As I said, I wanted to know! It's not going to affect my welding practice, I have to say, but I'm not doing it all day, every day.
  3. Prostates? Uroligists can be as weird. One had a 'disconnection disaster' in the middle of a very difficult operation, and got the contents of the patients bladder in their face. "Oh, Mr.Soandso, that's disgusting!" said a nurse. "No, it's bread and butter!"
  4. OK, Mathew, if you're not going to, I will. And about ten seconds of Googling finds this: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lamia-Tallaa/publication/319401774_Carcinogenicity_of_welding_molybdenum_trioxide_and_indium_tin_oxide_View_project_SEE_PROFILE_SEE_PROFILE/links/5cb5b6104585156cd79b2558/Carcinogenicity-of-welding-molybdenum-trioxide-and-indium-tin-oxide-View-project-SEE-PROFILE-SEE-PROFILE.pdf It's from the Lancet in 2017, and reports the findings of a group of epidemiolgists, at the International Agency for Research on Cancer. They found an increased incidence of lung ca
  5. Thanks for the namecheck, Colin, yes, DEblock impresses me. On the beading of tubes, I got one of these: It might not work on so small a tube, but otherwise is excellent, and No, it didn't cost as much as that!
  6. That, Colin, is why it takes ten years to train an obstetrician. That and persuading them that wearing a bowtie is trendy. I went at it another way, estimated where the filling bung is, drilled a SMALL hole and peered through it, with bright torch underneath to see with. Adjusted the centre of the hole and redrilled with a hole saw. Now I know, the plug is in the middle of the hole!
  7. Mathew, you're big boy now, and you don't have to do what Mum & Dad tell you. Not unless they tell you why. "Some research", dodgy or not, is not a sufficient answer! Come on, Why? Ask your workplace, why do have to wear these masks? I want to live forever, so I wnat to know too!
  8. Nasty fumes? What nasty fumes? Galvanised steel, yes!
  9. Since the Bosch is a quarter the price and does the job, I see no need, Mathew! By the way, it is 'cordless'.
  10. PeteH has it. (Spire clip) Doug, you're taking about something else. I hope. A clip that went on the edge of the tunnel cover would need screws inserted from BELOW! Not so convenient! AH! the pic from Colin reveals all! The gold coloured things are the Spires. You, Doug, must be reffering to the silver sliding-latch type clips, above in his pic. Convenient? I use screws with a large washer around to spread to load. OK, the screws have to come out to remove the cover, but even I don't take it off that often! My tiny electric screwdriver deals with them in no t
  11. Also important - closed cell foam. Won't absorb at much from the Patent Triumph Chassis Corrosion Prevention System.
  12. No, no! The Spires go on the edge of the METAL floor panel!
  13. The "rectangular clips" are "Spire clips" designed to go on the edge of a panel and take at screws, so they won't wear the hole in the panel, as they are herdened. They are semi permanent. John
  14. JohnD


    There was a blackbird on the path outside yesterday, looking very ruffled and stunned. Plus some wing feathers. I suspect he was jumped by our sparrowhawk, that will kill pigeons. Either he flew away, or the hawk came back.
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