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Unable to select Reverse Gear


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I have a 1979, 1500 OD. I drove it back from the garage 2 weeks ago (2mls) and straight onto the drive and parked it up. After it’s lay-up for the last 18mths, (hip and knee replacement) I needed to move it away from the wall to allow the pine-end of the house to be painted.

So the question is; to engage reverse gear, (It’s H-pattern with dog-leg up to the right for reverse), do I pull up, or do I push down on the gear lever? At the moment, I have no problem with selection of all 4 forward gears, but the lever comes up hard and does not move to allow the selection of reverse.

I can see that MARTIN V, has an earlier post relating to his ‘reverse stop plate’ and am wondering if my problem  could be related?


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