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My car has been fitted with an accuspark electronic ignition.  It's been running really lumpy, as if some cylinders weren't firing. Poor and juddery acceleration,  masses of popping and banging at the exhaust end.  Not too bad when at speed, but something didn't quite feel right.  Not as smooth as the engine should be.  One cylinder at least wasn't firing properly.

I did a bit of googling and was starting to worry it was going to be a long, drawn out and expensive business replacing bits one by one untill the problem was eliminated.

Anyway I took the car to go food shopping this morning and it was really bad.  When I got home I removed the plugs one by one.  All were as they should be.  I considered the HT leads, but dismissed that idea as all the spark plugs looked identical.  I popped off the distributor cap and discovered that the black wire was rubbing on the rotor arm and the copper was exposed.  I wrapped some amalgamating tape around it, moved it away from the the rotor, replaced the distributor cap.  I took the car for a spin. WOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

So a very simple fix.

Hope this helps someone.

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