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Tyres for 'Moderns'


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 I've just replaced two of my tyres on the BMW which uses 'Runflats'. When first having a car with these I found the ride very hard. However, this later car has better suspension. I have also noticed that there are a few tyres now of a different design to give a softer ride, such as Bridestone 'Driveguard'. Do any of you have experience of these?

I have to state that the runflat feature has been very useful three times in five years. The speed sensor has picked up slow leaks caused by nails and faulty wheels. Much as I prefer the ride from non runflats I feel much more secure when on long journeys having had one sudden deflation ten years ago on the eight lane section of the M6 near Warrington. Had to cross three lanes right on an exit. It was pretty scary.

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