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Drivers side dash removal

Ian McIntyre

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Hello! My first post on here(pretty sure it won't be my last 😊) . I'm finally restoring my beloved Spitfire. Just in the process of stripping everything off, got all the Interior out and 2/3rds of the dash. However the drivers side has got me stumped. I can feel lots of ridiculously inacessible screws and nuts (most of which wont undo...... Just spinning) do I need to undo all of these or is there an easier way. Any help / suggestions would be appreciated. 

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A while since I've done this - so here's hoping other members will correct any faulty recall on my part......

As regards the the drivers dash (veneer) panel. It's mostly held in place by the speedo and tacho units so the first step is to remove the stand-off legs locking those units in place; two per unit held by knurled ('thumb') nuts (Don't lose these as they may be a difficult to replace BA thread). Remove and set aside the instruments.

Then there's a captive stud top right held by a plain nut. Easy in principle; but may be seized or otherwise broken in which case removal will have to be destructive. With instruments out and the stud released the veneer panel should then 'float' such that it can be seen what needs to be done in terms of removing choke cable and other attachments.

The dash top (vinyl) is held in ten places with quite inacessible fasteners. The dash top has six studs bonded into its reverse (underside) right on the forward egde but can be felt by working along with finger tips.: Plain nuts but can't remember if they are 1/4 unf or No.10 unf. The other four fasteners are captive to the dash vents, going through the panel and securing the metal ventilation ducts. Plain nuts again.

Hope that's a bit of a start.


dash reverse.jpg

dash reverse.jpg

dash vent.jpg

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