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Spitfire A post rust repairs


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I am looking for some help and hopefully repair sections for repairing the A post area from the inside of the car as the sills are as new both outer inner and stiffener.

The rusted area is on the lower A post inner part where the Upper A post column meets and is welded to it - with a nice V shaped water trap between the two parts. To cut out the rusted parts of the lower A post (also forms the inside wall of the front of the sill) I have had to cut and remove part of the Upper A post column on both sides (along with drilling out several spotwelds).

See photos.. To repair the rusted area I need to remove more of the A post column so, 

- Is there a repair section for the upper column area? I have not been able to find one. It would save a lot of time..

- The rusted part I will make the repair piece myself.

- Has anyone had this issue and tackled from the inside? 

Thanks in advance






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There is not a repair section for the upper a post. I suggest any cuts you do carefully and save as much of it as you can. But it’s not a terrible piece to make, that was one of the first ever patches I made for my Spitfire. I made a pretty crude wooden hammer form for the square hole, otherwise it’s just a few bends.
I did initially replace this section from the inside. It was extremely difficult as that footwell is smaaaallll! I would strongly recommend you remove the gearbox (and probably engine) so you can squeeze up between the chassis rails. Otherwise you’ll struggle to get the forward facing part of that a post welded back on. I was working through a hole where the floor should be, and it was very awkward.

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