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Oil Leak on Herald


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Hi ,

I noticed what seemed like engine oil dripping from the bell housing of my 13/60, so  I took the gearbox out expecting to change the crankshaft oil seal . However on inspection the seal looked fine, the leak was coming from an oil gallery plug. The plug had not come loose but I did manage to tighten it up a fraction more. I am a bit reluctant to put everything back together  if I need to do anything other than just ensure that the plug is as tight as I can get it . Can anyone offer any advice on this?


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Was this the big Allen key plug in the end of the main oil gallery?

If it was leaking, but not loose then maybe take it out and inspect it and the threads?  You won't lose more than the small amount of oil in the gallery.

If nothing seen, then replace with some thread sealer, and cross fingers!


The other source of a leak is the top bolt that secures the crank seal, which should have a copper washer on it, as the hole goes right through into the crank case.


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