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Stainless for suspension

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New Year, new idea.


It's a given truth that stainless steel bolts are not suitable for 'safety-critical' applications, such as the suspension.

But that isn't true.

A stainless bolt certified as "8-8" or any other high tensile classification is as strong as an ordinary steel bolt. See: http://www.bssa.org.uk/cms/File/Microsoft%20Word%20-%20SSAS2.31-Fastener%20Grades%20A1,A2_A3_%20&%20A4_A5_%20to%20BS%20EN%20ISO%203506.pdf


But I'm not competent to say which bolts are safe.

So many people who wish to restore their Triumph want to use stainless.   Is this an opportunity for the TSSC Shop, to research and market kits of stainless nuts and bolts that ARE safe to use?



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I would say one of the most knowledgable companies to make enquiries about such critical specifics is Namrick (The Nut & Bolt Store), Hove, East Sussex. See link




The company is excellent and provides sound advice with a detailed website. It's a popular venue for classic vehicle enthusiasts to source such parts.





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