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Morgan Engine in a TR4A?


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Hi all

I am restoring my 1965 TR4A. I was looking for a new water pump and I discovered that the old pump had 4 bolts on the flange to mount the fan and the crank extension had no bolt holes for the fan. One of my suppliers suggested that this was a Morgan setup. I have heard that Triumph mixed and matched a lot of TR3 and TR4 parts in the early days, did a Morgan engine get into this mix?

Meantime, what to do?

Much appreciated any help



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Whilst I am also a Morgan fan, I am not aware that they ever made engines.  They always used (use) off the shelf engines from other manufacturers, so if your engine is a TR engine (Morgan used TR engines), it may just have mods that were used for Morgan cars.  Suggest you contact the Register Secretary with your engine number and see what turns up.


Good luck


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