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Grateful thanks

John Bonnett

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As I reported on my GT4 thread, I realised very late that I needed a pre-engaged starter which is unique to the Dolomite 1500 and very very scarce.


I telephoned our area organiser Sue Franklin to ask her if she knew of anyone who might have one spare and whilst she didn't what she did do was to email all the AOs and I believe put my request onto Facebook and within twenty four hours I had the offer of two starter motors. This was an unbelievable response that saved the day for me.


So, through these pages I would like to thank Sue for a wonderful bit of networking and for the kindness and generosity of two of our members Richard Briscoe and Sean Singleton who replied so quickly and were able to let me have the starter motors. I now have one spare which is ideal and the project is back on course.


Thank you all.



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