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Looking for cooperation in a TR4 research project


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At the recent Stratford Interclub meeting, I demonstrated my crank damper testing service.     In the development of that, I knew that Triumph fitted no four-cylinder engines with crank dampers, so felt that they did not need my attention.      But so many TR2-3-4 owners came to see what I was doing, and to tell me about their engines that it was a steep learning curve, about an interesting controversy!

I learnt that Triumph fitted those engines with a large cooling fan, set well forward of the engine on a crank extension.     Many owners have removed this fan, and fitted an electric one, apparently without causing any problems.      Others believe that the original fan has a damper-like effect, and that it is essential to fit a crank damper.   A modified MBG damper is marketed for this purpose, and the controversy has rumbled on for some time

My current equipment, developed for Triumph six-cylinder engines, cannot be used to investigate this, but the technology is transferable.    I would like to develop a sensor system that can measure the torsional vibration in the earlier engines, so that owners may know the validity of their favoured solution.

To work with me in this, I need the cooperation of a willing owner.   Ideally, my co-researcher would live in the North of England, and own a TR4/TR4A, as I am told that access to the front of the engine is easiest in those models.   They would be willing to allow me to inspect their car, so that I can design suitable brackets and other fittings, which would be bolted onto the engine for testing and removed afterwards.      My co-researcher should also be willing to have the engine tested with and without the original fan, and with an MBG-style crank damper fitted.    Each test involves running the engine in a static car and would take twenty minutes, plus time to make alterations and adjustments.    My co-researcher would be acknowledged, or not as they wished, in any publication on the project.

I believe this project that would use technology new to Triumph and could add valuable information to an unresolved controversy.   I will be grateful for anyone who wished to discuss this with me to contact me by personal message.

I look forward to an interesting venture!


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John, it sounds an interesting project. The TR 2-4 engine started life in the Standard Vanguard and was also fitted to the later Renown and 1800 (2000) Roadster. Plus a Tractor and the very last Standard Ensigns. Also fitted by Morgan in their cars.

Its known as the Vanguard or wet liner engine and was much modified when fitted to the TR2 models.

Good luck in your project.


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