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Triumph Stag Tonnau cover popping open


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it's been a while since I've been here, so hello again and thanks in advance.


I've just got my Stag back after a body restoration.  All is good, but I still have an issue it alwasy used to have, the drivers side tonnau cover pops open while driving.


I have adjusted it and adjusted it and I can't get it to stop.  It was so bad that starting the engine was usually enough to get it to pop.  After spending ages adjusting it I've got it a bit better, and it now closes really easily, but you can't drive 100 meters without it coming open.


Everything looks OK.  The catch can't be opened by forcing it without the tonnaue in place, the catch *just* opens with the handle in the B post pulled right back so I don't think the cable is putting pressure on it.  To be honest it's far better adjusted than the other side, but that works fine.


Any idea's?  If not I think I'm going to get a new tonnau cover latch and catch.  The latch does look bent...so that the actual cylinder bit at the end isn't at right angles with the arm that holds it which looks a bit odd, but then so does the one on the other side so I'm not sure if that's correct? 

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