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Brian Sculpher


Clutch/gearbox engagement issue - 1974 Triumph TR6

Has anyone any idea how I may overcome - recently I had difficulty engaging reverse gear without the gear grating.

I decided to replace the clutch slave cylinder complete with activating fork  system fully bled. I also changed the gearbox oil incl of overdrive. My first test in the garage (engine cold) appeared to operate correctly in all gears especially reverse. Although when the engine had warmed up the reverse gear grating returned and included difficulty engaging first gear. The clutch bite operation is almost on the floor of the car in order I may take off in gear.

HISTORY - some time ago a colleague told me the fork which engages the slave cylinder was in the top hole pin which meant the operation wasn’t straight engaging the cylinder as soon as I put it back in the top hole it worked.

AM now totally confused is this a internal gearbox issue requiring a rebuild or alternatively an adjustment issue or maybe the clutch needs replacing.



With thanks Brian SCULPHER



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I fear from your description that what you may have is a sheered pin (p/n 158777) in the fork of your clutch cross shaft, this is an achilles heel item in the drive train of the TR's. They have a habit of breaking with only part of it remaining in place but allowing a greater rotation of the cross shaft inside the release bearing fork. This in turn means the fork is not able to apply full pressure to the release bearing & hence the clutch driven plate  is barely released which is why you are crunching in the two lowest gears - first & reverse.

Sorry to say that is a gearbox out situation.

There are now new hardened pins available but most of us also cross drill the release fork & shaft & fit a spring dowel to put it into a double sheer situation.

P.s. the clutch slave rod should engage in the centre hole - or at least it does on my TR4's & we tend to share the same mechanics at this point.

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Appreciate your help on this one - noted gearbox out job.

Graham Vaggers was also copied in on your post - who I understand you are familiar with.

Many thanks for your useful comments

Brian S

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