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  1. Hi Colin, I appreciated your pointing me to the dealers, but to no avail. Mick Dolphin didn't answer my mail, Canley and Rimmer sold their last item this year. Hopefully I `ll be lucky in Stoneleigh next year.
  2. Sorry for not replying to the topic since Thursday but I was distracted by a fire in my carport which affected not only my Courier `s front RH wing, but nearly destroyed my Vitesse convertible. It is totally devastating as the convertible was the one of my Triumphs that was in a real proper condition. But now back to the rear interior roof lamp. @Colin Lindsay: THX for the hint to the dealers. Will contact them asap. have a good night Hans
  3. Hello Colin, would the fitting Lens be available from a regular supplier like Rimmer , Dolphin or anyone else? kind regards
  4. That‘s brilliant. Keep me informed. Thx Hans
  5. Hello, I am searching the interior light which brightens up the rear load area. Sorry for not knowing the proper name. Anyone out there to sell me a complete one, lamp with base unit Or any hint where to head for? THX Hans
  6. Hi ZW.., Sorry for coming back to you quite late. I haven `t visited the forum so far . That `s why I was a very " slow responder ". I am afraid that my Coupe is in the same state of "rebuild " as yours. Chassis and axles done,chassis painted in Lichfield Green as the pre-owner liked to change colour from an original Alpine Mauve/ Sebring White to a more popular Lichfield Green.Bodywise the crucial work has been done but bonnet ,doors and boot lid still need some tlc. Still searching for somebody to do the paint for reasonable money. have a good night Hans
  7. Good evening, As I am willing to start my Coupe renovation , I am very interested in Pictures from Herald Coupes from out-and inside. I couldn't visit " Coupe Sunday " at TriumFest and would appreciate any pics from there or anywhere else. you could upload them here within the forum or send me an email to schwanenapotheke-weingarten at t-online.de Thank you all in advance kind regards Hans
  8. Hi PTR200, I did it my way on my Iphone. I sent the pic for my profile pic as a mail to my on address.When sending you will be asked which size to choose.Ichoosed the " small " one,secured the pic from my mail in to my Iphone and uploaded from there into my profile.Bingo! Complicated? good night Hans
  9. The only shortcut is that the vendor had still restored the Chassis and running gear and painted it Lichfield Green, his favorite colour. Should I stick to alpine mauve what I ' ll tend to I had to repaint chassis and underside of floor. By the Way. Did they paint the chassis on those early cars in black or body colour? Hans
  10. Hi Mark, are they still around,those engines? No ideas , what to look for? regards Hans
  11. ..sorry, lost my picture during first post.
  12. and in bits and pieces. A few years ago I acquired an unfinished resto project. It was a 1960 Herald 948 Coupe,delivered to St .Helier Garages, Jersey. Having collected it from Jersey on a trailer I figured out that I had invested more pounds in fuel/shipping that I had paid for the car. After sitting around in my garage time has come to go ahead with it. Originally the Coupe was Alpine Mauve /Sebring white, but the last owner had sprayed the chassis in Lichfield green. I have not yet decided which color combination to choose from.Any suggestions? To start with, I would like to collect as much information as possible. Does anybody know anything about the history of the car? Chassis Nr. Y17855 Reg.Nr. 15017 ex Guernsey with previous Reg.Nr. J 30006 and J 53224 Furthermore I would like to collect as many Coupe pictures as possible, being them exterior or interior ones . Could you point me to photos of the recent Coupe Sunday at TriumFest or provide me with useful blogs /websites which concentrate on Coupes. All information very much appreciated! regards Hans
  13. The old Forum consisted of many more categories.For example , if I had a question on an early Herald Modell, I could post the question in the relevant section for 948/1200 Heralds. Thus I had the Maximum chance that at least the early Herald nerds and the respective moderator would take notice of it and share their invaluable knowledge with us. Any comment on that from the Moderators? regards Hans
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