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  1. ordinary one was Brunel microscopes ltd one but there is no model name or number. the one for the pc is "Bysameyee Handheld 40X-1000X" which is ok but somw time does not focus far enough away to get good dig at the splinter sorry if we are highjacking your thread Bordfunker
  2. Get yourself a microscope Colin. Best thing I ever done. So easy to find the smallest splinter or bit of metal from a cheap screw. Just upgraded to one that conect to a screen. Brilliant for that difficult angle. Then plenty of neet detol
  3. I did see one on flebay £125, I think it was newton commercials end of line sort of thing as I don't see them listed in their cataloge. but there hasn't been any listed for a while now. but I would think they would have the patern so could make one up if needed.
  4. Guest what I found today tucked away nice and safe in a box in the attic rooms. a Herald coupe headlining that I bought from John kippling back on 23/08/94 and it cost £41 but it is the longhorn type, not the right one for my coupe, so I'll have to use it as a template for the right matirial when it arrives just goes to show. put stuff away safe and sound and you will find it one day. maybe not when you want it but you will find it,,, one day 😁
  5. the plate on the underside of the centre outrigger ( that atached to the chassis) had holes in the middle on my original chassis. I can remember they were'nt on some new ones I had bought so I drill them to make them look the same. must had fitted to them... some how
  6. Perhaps it's just there to confuse us all 😊
  7. I had one with a s/s exhaust. From John Kipplings many years ago . I aways thought it was to support the exhaust pipe in the middle and bolted to the hole in the middle outrigger bottom plate. Didn't put it on. Didn't seem to need it Maybe it's a fitting aid
  8. funny you should say that! never though of them. bought my xk8 off them and we go to the lunch meet every year. ( next time I am down that way I'll give them a try.
  9. Still looking! had lots of samples and seen loads at upholsterer, but sadly nothing as yet.
  10. I have various liquids for lubrication in small containers in the garage for just that sort of thing. There’s silicone lube, Vaseline, fiery liquid, soap, KY, and a wd40 type of thing. You never know when you are going to need the right sort of lubrication. 😲 My Dad always used a bit of soap on woodscrews to help them in. that was before the days of impact drivers😊
  11. never understood why you would start the bidding at £1 with a reserve. if you have a reserve start it at that with Offers. very nice though. would love it. always like a van. wounder were they got the seats done?
  12. Thank you both! I'll look in to your suggestions. I would like to get as close as possible to the origanal type. If I can.
  13. Is there anybody there? best I can find is from Martrim car trimmers the moonstone in White. Anybody used it? I'll order up a sample and see !!
  14. Some more photos, difficult to get a good shot but you can see the speednut plate under the rear mounts and just about under the mounting just behind the diff. however I coud not get a good pic of the main chassis rail holes but that has the same speednut plate fixed inside the main chassis rail.
  15. just going through some old update sheets for Triumph Herald 948cc spare parts number 508073 3rd edition Accumulative amendment No 5 dated Dec. 1962 Change BT 7822 to read HU0811 And I see that the part number they use in the later herald 13/60 part catalogue
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